Hourly Rate

$60 per hour

* 2 hour minimum session required

Day Rate

$500 per day * 10 hours of total recording time

12 hour day from 10am to 10pm includes 1 hour lunch                                                                                     and dinner breaks from 1pm to 2pm and 6pm to 7pm.                                                                                           

Live session

$100 per session

This option is for those bands that want to record a live performance.

Bands will be able to record live for up to 1 hour with no editing or overdubs

*This option only works for certain bands, we will have to determine before hand if this is a good fit.


Discounts for Metal Bands

Since the main engineer at this studio is a metal head, we offer a discounted hourly rate of $50 an hour only for bands that play heavy fucking shit. (excuse the French) You will have to email a recording of your band in advanced so that we can determine if your music is brutal enough for a discount. This discount only applies to the hourly rate listed above, Day and live sessions remain the same. 

* All sessions include an engineer 

* All sessions must be paid in advanced