Ghetto in the box Mastering

Mastering costs $20 for every 5min of audio.

The price is rounded up, so a single track 4min in length will still cost $20 and an album that runs 43min in length would cost $180 (you get the idea)

We offer a cheaper Mastering solution here than most studios for a few reasons...

We want to offer Mastering that is affordable to low budget and independent musicians. We are currently using a multitude of UAD plugins for mastering. Although I have dubbed our Mastering process "Ghetto" we can still provide a great sounding master at a low price. We are not mastering to tape and are not claiming to provide the best Mastering service you will ever hear. If you have a demo or any sort of recording that you think sounds good but it just needs to be louder in order to compete in the music world, then our service will be a good match for you. 


*All Mastering sessions are unattended